Every so often I get asked where I get my ideas from and who Im inspired by. 

I think the best work Ive made has been about things that are meaningful to me personally and have been about something Ive had experience in. My first really successful body of work back in 2007 began exploring ideas of national identity. That might not sound very personal but it stemmed from having to fill in a form and tick a box for my nationality. Having been born in NZ, lived my whole life in NZ, it was astounding to me there was no box that said 'New Zealander'. I could choose from an array of options such as European, Maori, English etc. But I was all of these, or none of these, depending on how you looked at it. I made my own box and ticked that instead. New Zealander.

And so I began to explore what it is to be a New Zealander. A cross pollenated, of many bloods but very much of this land, person.

'Ta Moko 1' 2007, oil on canvas, 1015 x 975mm, Private Collection

 'Seduction - Exotic Native, Water Series' 2007, oil on canvas

'Seduction - Exotic Native, Water Series' 2007, oil on canvas

My early inspirations I would have to pay homage to the greats- Gustav Klimt, Egon Shiele, and Gerhard Richter. 

Ive been fortunate to see retrospectives of all three of these outstanding artists and each exhibition had a lasting effect on my work. 

More current artists that I find inspirational are Erik Jones, Michael Carson and John Wentz to name just a few. OK, here are some girls too Edith Lebeau, Kit King and her hubby Oda (they paint together!) and Soey Milk. Go check them out on Instagram. (Just as an aside, Instagram is an awesome place to find inspiration and excellent art. Heres a link to my page here to get you started)

And to wrap it up, yes, I always work in oils, have recently moved from canvas to board and work in a range of sizes from tiny to massive! ;)