The making of Autumn Sun and where she is now

Sometimes I see an image that gets me really excited and I just have to paint it! I've been an admirer of Hannah Rose' self portraits for a while but this one particularly grabbed me. You can follow her on Instagram here 

She very graciously allowed me to paint her photograph and here is the process...


The original image, screenshot from Instagram and used with permission as reference for the painting.


Starting to lay in the face, looking closely at the change in values. Im also altering the colour drastically so this requires another level of 'translation'.


Further progress with the basic shapes of the hair.


I didn't record the in-between steps here but here is a colour adjusted image of the final painting after adding the detailing- hair, clothing, light adjustments and little finishing touches.

Some paintings are pure joy to create. Thanks again Hannah for allowing me to paint you!

This painting is called Autumn Sun and is currently on display as a finalist in The Hope and Sons Art Award, Otago Art Society in Dunedin, NZ (Dunedin Railway Station 10am-4pm daily until Sunday 20th May) For purchase enquiries please contact the