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Solo Exhibitions


'ARBITRARY DREAMSat Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles


'ABSTRACTED LOVE' at Friends of Leon Gallery, Sydney, Australia


Meredith Marsone at The Artist's Room Fine Art Gallery, Dunedin, NZ (review)


'30 paintings, 30 days 2.0' XCHC, Christchurch, NZ

A second collection of works created over 30 days, committing to a painting each day.


'New Paintings', The Framing Workshop, Hamilton, NZ

'30 Lives', Waikato Museum, Hamilton, NZ

“This family of portraits by Meredith Marsone captures ‘snapshots’ of people, including her beloved dog Izzy, over a period of thirty days.

This painting project is more of a social documentary than it is portraiture. Each of the portraits are selected from commercial photography in fashion magazines or from snapshots sent to her by friends and family keen to see how she interprets photographs of loved ones. She manages to capture that small spark that makes each person an individual, treating even herself as a subject to study.” Leafa Wilson, curator, Waikato Museum

'30 paintings, 30 days', David Lloyd Gallery, Hamilton, NZ

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Awesome Inventions


'Finding Me, Finding You', Whitespace, Auckland, NZ

My work to date has been mainly involved in exploring themes around identity which stemmed from an enquiry into our national identity- what it is to be a New Zealander. Of late though my work has focussed in on a more personal perspective. Some of my paintings look at the role of parenthood and how we are formed and influenced by the actions or inactions of our parents. Others explore identity as it is portrayed, enhanced or altered through beautification by using pattern, Ta Moko or tattoo, make-up and the things we choose to have around us.


'Sea Change', Whitespace, Auckland, NZ

'Sea Change' was a group of portraits made from photographs gathered from a recent visit to Ellis Island, New York. I was haunted by the faces of the immigrants and appalled by the degrading inspections they had to endure after undergoing such an arduous and sometimes life threatening journey. I felt there was a strange universality to their suffering; that by being confronted by their faces on a large scale that the viewers own pain becomes magnified or at least touched on. I was interested in expressing the ideas of common experience and how we can relate to each others suffering with understanding and compassion.


'Exotic Addiction', Ghuznee Room, Wellington, NZ

This exhibition was made up of a group of 12 portraits inspired by a series of collectable cigarette cards that depicted the faces of the BBC radio announcers which I found in a local antique shop. Continuing on the theme of national identity I blended Maori imagery with the announcers portraits forcing them to become 'New Zealanders'. Some were given Ta Moko (traditional Maori tattooing), others Maori jewellery.


Earth to Earth’, CoCA, Christchurch, NZ

A series of 5 large interconnecting paintings exploring the idea of connectedness and karma.

In the Beginning

There was One

Who Became Many

With The Tree of Life

And All Eternity

'Last Girl on Earth', Whitespace, Auckland, NZ

This series was slightly more introspective looking at the idea of the soul as a personification. In each painting the character is interacting with her 'other' either in play or contemplation.

'Exotic Native - Legacy Series', Milford Galleries, Dunedin, NZ

An extension of the ideas explored in the earlier 'Exotic Native Series' moving into the legacy we leave our children through both genetics and nurture.


'Exotic Native - Ta Moko Series', Waikato University, NZ

Over the past few years I have been exploring ideas around national identity and blended heritage. I have been using portraiture, myself and my family as subject matter, as a way of making this subject deeply personal although it resonates with many. And I chose a visual way of communicating this otherness by painting a variety of Anglicised Ta Moko as adornment on my subjects. A tattooing as a symbol of the permanency of the blood that runs through us.

'Exotic Native - Water Series', Ghuznee Room, Wellington, NZ

A series of 6 large paintings illustrating the Maori legend of Hine and the Eel God. This project was an extension of the ideas in the previous Exotic Native paintings where I had used birds as symbols of heritage. In these paintings the eel and koi carp were used as a similar form of symbology.

'Exotic Native Series', Whitespace, Auckland, NZ

This series began my interest in exploring national identity through the symbology of native and exotic birds. To be a New Zealander is to be inherently ‘blended’. The issue arose for me filling in a form and being forced to tick a box; European & Maori& Other& Coming from a mixed heritage of English and Maori I found a solution to my dilemma and ticked ‘other’, writing ‘New Zealander’ to explain my otherness.


Recent Paintings, PPg Gallery, Auckland, NZ

A collection of paintings from a variety of ideas to show my breadth of skill and interest. This exhibition was staged across the street from the dealer gallery I was interested in showing with to give the director an opportunity to see my work and also my commitment and determination. As a result I was invited to become part of the stable of Whitespace.

'New Paintings', Mixed Media Art Gallery, Hamilton, NZ


Group Exhibitions


Flowerchild, Modern Eden Gallery, San Fransisco

Figuration Group Show, Detour Gallery, Blenheim, NZ

Little Sparks and Lightning Bolts,

Collectors Starter Show, Corey Helford Gallery, LA

Aeternus, AlexiEra Gallery, US

Underneath, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London  


Pop Surrealism, 50 Works Gallery, NZ

Suggestivism, Scope Art, San Francisco

LAX / ORD - Thinkspace at Vertical Gallery, Chicago

10 Year Anniversary Show, Corey Helford Gallery, LA

Familiar Deconstructed II, Smash Gallery, San Francisco

Anomie Belle ' Flux ' at Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco

David Bowie Tribute Show, Smash Gallery, San Francisco

Art leadHER show, Joesph Gross Gallery, New York

'Loveloss II' in The Adam Portrait Award Touring exhibition, various locations in NZ

Simulacrum, Oxford Street Art, Lyttelton, NZ

Show of Littles, Smash Gallery, San Francisco

LA Art Fair

Music Box, Haven Gallery, New York

Empathic, Alexi Era Gallery, Illinois

Smashing into 2016, Smash Gallery, San Francisco




Little Big, Haven Gallery, New York 

Birthday Anniversary Exhibition, The Artist's Room, Dunedin, NZ

Lysaght Watt Art Award Exhibition, New Plymouth, NZ


10 Year Anniversary Exhibition, The Artist's Room, Dunedin, NZ

'Portrait', Matchbox Gallery, Wellington, NZ

'Braveheart Charity Exhibition' organised by Liz Caughey, Auckland, NZ

Christmas show, The Artist's Room, Dunedin, NZ


'Christmas Show', Whitespace, Auckland, NZ

‘New Zealand Art’, Whitespace, Auckland, NZ

'The Garden Party', Greenslade Gallery, Hamilton, NZ


Group Show, Fisher Brown Gallery, Tauranga, NZ

Adam Portrait Award touring exhibition, Ak, Wgtn, Hawkes Bay and Blenheim


'Persistence of Form', Agora Gallery, New York, US

'Portraits', Kate/Alison, Auckland, NZ

'Chorus', Whitespace, Auckland, NZ


'Handle With Care', Kate/Alison, Hamilton, NZ

Painting and Printmaking Award, Merit Award Winner, Hamilton, NZ

LA Art Fair, Whitespace Stand, Los Angeles, US

'The Newcomers', Waikato Museum, Hamilton, NZ


Wallace Art Award touring exhibition, NZ

National Contemporary Art Award, Waikato Museum, NZ

'Existence Life According to Art', Waikato Museum, Hamilton, NZ


Wallace Art Award touring exhibition, NZ

Adam Portrait Award touring exhibition, Auckland and Wellington, NZ




First Prize, Lysaght Watt Art Award, New Zealand 2015

Merit Prize, National Painting and Printmaking Award, New Zealand 2008

Finalist in The Wallace Award 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Finalist in The Adam Portrait Award 2006, 2008, 2010, 2016

First in Graduating Year, Bachelor of Mediarts- Painting 1997


Noted Collections

Wallace Arts Trust Collection

Trust Waikato Collection (held at the Waikato Museum, Hamilton, NZ)

Earl Collection