May 7

Underneath - group show in London

The Casting Light 2017, oil on board, 870 x 760mm (34 1/4” x 30” framed  

The Casting Light 2017, oil on board, 870 x 760mm (34 1/4” x 30” framed



A visually poetic journey through the eyes of the international woman 

Featuring 11 female artists from across the globe 

Exclusively curated by ArtLeadHER for Lawrence Alkin Gallery Exhibition dates: 7 April – 6 May 2017 

Private View and Press Preview: 6 April 2017 

Exhibiting artists include: Swoon, Kit King, Ingrid Baars, Delphine Diallo, Elizabeth Waggett, Meredith Marsone, Lucy Sparrow, Zoe Grace, Teresa Duck, Abi Whitlock, and Juliette Clovis. 

Lawrence Alkin Gallery presents upcoming group show Underneath, exclusively curated by ArtLeadHER, an organization dedicated to empowering and celebrating women in art. It features work from eleven international, contemporary female artists at various stages of their careers, highlighting the contributions and dispositions of working female artists in the modern market. 

Refraction, oil on board, 540 x 740mm (21 1/4” x 21 1/4”) framed 

Refraction, oil on board, 540 x 740mm (21 1/4” x 21 1/4”) framed 

ArtLeadHER has cherry-picked a selection of new and recent works by artists communicating the multitudinous forms of female perspective. Themes of struggle and pain, softness, and a near-constant grappling with visible and invisible power structures are revealed. Underneath is a demonstration of every woman's journey. It lends feeling and understanding to the dynamics and dimensions of feminine energy. 

The 15 works on view range in scale, media, and approach, and include figurative and abstract portraiture, sculpture, photography, and street art. Underneath is a celebration of women, providing a platform for acknowledgment and appreciation. 

ArtLeadHER founder, Mashonda Tifrere launched the platform in March 2016 as a dynamic way to showcase, celebrate and bring awareness to the women creating, curating and thriving in the male-dominated art world. She explains: 

“After collecting art for 15 years, my enthusiasm for bringing women's work into the forefront of the art world became a priority. The development of ArtLeadHER over the last year has provided female artists with a safe haven to be completely expressive in an open environment and gain the recognition they deserve.” 

The London show draws attention to the array of techniques used by artists and various influences from different cultures and experiences. From Ingrid Baars’s unique style of photographic manipulation, to Zoe Grace’s uplifting neon pieces, sources of inspiration are diverse and often deeply personal. Whether a proud acknowledgement of rich, African heritage, to more turbulent experiences with issues such as depression, drug addiction and homelessness, each piece tells a story about its creator. 

Flash Point, oil on board, 540 x 740mm (21 1/4” x 21 1/4”) framed 

Flash Point, oil on board, 540 x 740mm (21 1/4” x 21 1/4”) framed 

Sam Rhodes, Lawrence Alkin Gallery Director, says: 

“Our gallery roster has always heavily featured female artists, helping champion individuals for their unconventional style and practice and gaining recognition where it’s due. Unfortunately, still to this day, the art world appears skewed towards male artists, so when the opportunity arose for us to collaborate on a showcase of women artists, it signified the realization of an exhibition we’ve long wanted to host. 

“The collaboration with ArtleadHER provides the perfect opportunity to emphasize the importance of equal and fair opportunities – male, female, internationally recognized or just starting out. The show brings together great talents from across the world, uniting cultures at a time of division and celebrating beauty in humanity.” 

In the run up to the show, the gallery and ArtleadHER are also hosting a Women in Art 

Panel moderated by Susan Mumford, the founder of the Association of Women Art Dealers. The discussion will explore topics relevant to women in art, and what it means to be a working female artist in today’s art market. 

Underneath runs from Friday 7 April to Saturday 6 May at Lawrence Alkin Gallery, 42 

New Compton Street, London, WC2H 8DA www.lawrencealkingallery.com

Apr 28

Aeternus - group show at Alexiaera Gallery

Teaser image of my piece 'MotherEarth' 

Teaser image of my piece 'MotherEarth' 

Aeternus: Aeternus is an exhibition that explores the superior entities that have populated our mythologies since the dawn of reason among homo sapiens. From the earliest veneration of our planet’s life-giving sun, through the varied polytheistic mythologies that subsequently developed over time, and to the monotheism of the world’s most cultivated religions of modern times, gods have been given authority over our lives as creators, providers and overseers, whether interceding in our lives or not. For thousands of years rich cultures of worship, ritual, and have developed with beautiful stories that give life meaning to many people. Deities will feature works of art by international, national, and local artists who are inspired by these stories presented in a variety of mediums.


Opening Reception: April 7, 2017

Exhibit Runs: April 7 – April 28, 2017

For more information please visit www.alexieragallery.com

Mar 25

SOLO SHOW at Corey Helford Gallery LA

Artist Statement


This body of work centres around the emotional life and the internal workings of the female experience, as I know it to be. The complexities of being highly involved in wounds, at the same time aware of a higher state of awareness that relieves those hurts. Its a very personal exploration which has been a largely intuitive journey, producing work that involves a high level of vulnerability. As artists we expose ourselves whenever we create, but to say openly, ‘This work is about my internal world, my failings and my realisations’, opens me even further. As a parallel to this statement is my methodology which is also full of risk and trust. I render my figures lifelike, painstaking work which requires all of my skill and concentration. Only to be followed by a highly intuitive stage involving bold decisions, holding my breath, risking the work gone before, and a lot of paint! This work is me- openly, lovingly and honestly presented to you for you to take what you like from it. Ultimately, I hope you find connection or understanding, or some kind of recognition that we are all, fundamentally, the same.


Much love,



The Delicacies of The Feminine oil on aluminium 900 x 900mm 36 x 36” framed The undercurrents of my emotions beneath, barely reveal ripples on the surface. But the clues to who I am lie exposed like road maps, if you’re willing to look with eyes that don't assume they already know.  

The Delicacies of The Feminine

oil on aluminium

900 x 900mm 36 x 36”


The undercurrents of my emotions beneath, barely reveal ripples on the surface. But the clues to who I am lie exposed like road maps, if you’re willing to look with eyes that don't assume they already know.


Sep 24

LAX / ORD - Thinkspace at Vertical Gallery, Chicago


Opening September 3rd at Vertical Gallery, Chicago, is LAX/ORD, a group exhibition showcasing new small format works by some of the most relevant and exciting artists working in the New Contemporary Art Movement. Connecting the West Coast art scene to that of the MidWest’s, this survey exhibition will feature local and international artists curated by one of the movement’s most active and respected proponents: Los Angeles’ Thinkspace gallery. This collaborative presentation with Patrick Hull’s Vertical Gallery is Thinkspace’s tenth iteration of its successful traveling exhibition series, and will be the largest presentation of New Contemporary art ever to take place in Chicago.
Featuring 12″ x 12″ small format works by nearly one hundred individual artists, LAX/ORD is broadly curated by Thinkspace’s co-founder Andrew Hosner. This comprehensive exhibition is meant to capture the diversity and dynamism of the steadily growing New Contemporary Art Movement, bringing the largest representative cross-section of its burgeoning international community to the MidWest for the first time. In addition to the ambitious gallery display, a site- specific mural collaboration between Ghostbeard and Patch Whisky will be presented in tandem with the exhibition.
“With roots firmly planted in illustration, pop culture, comics, street art, and graffiti, put quite simply the New Contemporary Art Movement is art for the people,” said Thinkspace co-founder Andrew Hosner.
Participating artists include: Aaron Li-Hill, ABCNT, Adam Caldwell, Alex Garant, Alex Yanes, Amanda Marie, Amy Crehore, Apex, Ariel DeAndrea, Baghead, Benjamin Garcia, Brandi Read, Brian Mashburn, Buff Monster, C215, Candice Tripp, Carl Cashman, Casey Weldon, Chad Pierce, Chie Yoshii, Christina Mrozik, Colin McMaster, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, Cycle, Dan Lydersen, Dan-ah Kim, David Rice, Derek Gores, Drew Leshko, Drew Young, Dulk, Edwin Ushiro, Ekundayo, Erik Siador, Felipe Pantone, Fernando Chamarelli, Fintan Magee, Frank Gonzales, Fumi Nakamura, Gaia, Germs, Ghostbeard, Greg Mike, Henrik Aa. Uldalen, Icy and Sot, Jaime Molina, James Bullough, James Reka, Jana & JS, Jason Thielke, Jason Woodside, Jeremy Hush, Joanne Nam, Josie Morway, Juan Travieso, Kelly Vivanco, Kohshin Finley, Kwanchia Moriya, Kyle Stewart, Linnea Strid, Lisa Ericson, Liz Brizzi, Lunar New Year, Mark Warren Jacques, Martin Whatson, Mary Iverson, Matt Linares, Matt Small, Matthew Grabelsky, Meredith Marsone, Michael Reeder, Mike Egan, Miles Toland, Molly Gruninger, Nevercrew, Neil Perry, Nosego, Oneq, Paul Barnes, Pam Glew, Patch Whisky, Peter Adamyan, Seamus Conley, Sean Mahan, Sean Norvet, Sebastian Wahl, Sepe, Sergio Garcia, Seth Armstrong, Tatiana Suarez, Tony Philipppou, Troy Coulterman, UR New York, Wiley Wallace, Woes, X-O,Yok & Sheryo, and Yosuke Ueno.

Work in progress shots of my piece. For sales enquiries please contact Thinkspace

Work in progress shots of my piece. For sales enquiries please contact Thinkspace

Aug 20


Group show at Smash Gallery, San Francisco 

"This July marks Smash Gallery's one year Anniversary, and we are commemorating this milestone with our second annual summer show, Familiar Deconstructed. Over the past year we have evolved as a gallery, refining our program, and celebrating the artists that we have represented as they define and redefine their style and intent. 

Familiar Deconstructed will be both a retrospective of our first year, and a look forward at what's to come. Featuring work by Abigail Drapkin, Alex Murray Clark, Daniel Segrove, Jane Radstrom, Meredith Marsone, Michael Aaron Williams, Sergio Lopez, and Taylor Smalls, with more artists to be announced. This dynamic, bold group show is the perfect salutation to summer. 

Please join us for an Opening Reception for Familiar Deconstructed on Saturday, July 23, from 7-11pm; raise a glass of something sparkling and help us celebrate our First Anniversary!"

'Phantom' , 'The Insatiable' and 'False Trade' are part of Familiar Deconstructed II. For sale enquiries please contact Smash Gallery.

Jun 24

ABSTRACTED LOVE - Solo Exhibition

The Departure (detail) 2016, oil and silver leaf on board, 900 x 900mm

The Departure (detail) 2016, oil and silver leaf on board, 900 x 900mm

**TO GO ON THE VIP PREVIEW LIST PLEASE EMAIL leon@friendsofleon.com or sign up on the contacts page**

New paintings will be presented at Friends of Leon Gallery in Sydney Australia, opening 26th May 2016!

Friends of Leon Gallery presents one of New Zealand’s most exciting art exports




In her highly anticipated Sydney show 


The benevolence of messy love: Abstracting from real-world relationships

Jun 26

Simulacrum group show at Oxford Street Art

‘Simulacrum’ is an exhibition of contemporary portraiture and art featuring the human figure. 

The exhibition runs from 6th May until 26 June.  Our opening night party is on the 6 May and as usual it will be a fun filled evening with champagne cocktails and snacks.  We are privileged to welcome Ben Brown, the Lyttelton author and poet who will read some of his work on the opening night. Many of the exhibiting artists will be at the opening night party.

I have two pieces in this show. For availability please contact the gallery directly thecurator@oxfordstreetart.co.nz

Beautiful Grimes 2015, oil on board, 300 x 250mm

Portrait of Ben Brown, poet and writer, 2015, oil on board, 600m tondo



5:30 pm17:30



See the collection of paintings by Meredith Marsone - ABSTRACTED LOVE, for one night only in Christchurch before its packed up and sent on to Friends of Leon Gallery in Sydney.

Friday April 29th 5:00pm
Followed by Classical Soiree from 8pm-10pm with Chirny Presents

Artist Meredith Marsone - Abstracted Love

The benevolence of messy love: Abstracting from real-world relationships

Over the past 12 months, Meredith Marsone has exploded onto the international art scene with her unique mixture of refined portraiture and abstract art. She is showing this entirely new body of work for one night only prior to shipping it to Sydney's Friends of Leon Gallery for an opening May 26th.

Hailing from Lyttelton, Marsone captures intimate moments in human relationships, and depicts them in delicate but evocative artworks laced with cool icy tones. She observes how we connect to each other through our body language – her paintings capture an intimate glance, a blush, or the slightest touch of skin.

Her latest body of work is titled ABSTRACTED LOVE. Her collection depicts love and loss, with her characters frozen in a moment of time – an embrace, a hug, losing a loved one or holding onto a fragile love. 

Within her visually arresting paintings, the characters seem to appear and disappear amongst her dripping thick oil paints of pastel blues, washed out ochres and lashings of silver foiling. Her realistic detailed figures are juxtaposed against areas of gestural abstract brush strokes applied with a palette knife to board.

"I love translating the dance between people into my work, which for me is about being courageous with the juxtaposed elements of figurative and gestural. The unique point of tension for me is risking the whole piece with the palette knife. After I've poured myself into rendering the figures I add the impasto, often with a knot in my stomach. Being vulnerable, like in good, genuine relationships, makes for better art and better love." Meredith Marsone

Meredith has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand and is currently working with galleries in New York, San Francisco and Illinois. She has been featured in Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz and Masters of Paint. She currently is a finalist in the Adam Portrait Award 2016 and won first prize in the Lysaght Watt Art Award 2015.

For more about Meredith please visit www.meredithmarsone.com

After the One Night Only the work then travels to Sydney. Abstracted Love opens at Friends of Leon Gallery on Thursday 26 May 2016 from 6-8PM

For all media inquiries (print or interviews with the artist) please contact leon@friendsofleon.com or 0403248978

Exhibition runs until the 11th of June

82 Marlborough Street Surry Hills

Apr 22

Group Show - Show of Littles at Smash Gallery, San Francisco

Left: Gaze 2016, oil on board, 200x100mm (8x4 inches) Top right: The Gift 2016, oil on board, 100x100mm (4x4 inches) Bottom right: Seen 2016, oil on board, 100x100mm (4x4 inches)

Left: Gaze 2016, oil on board, 200x100mm (8x4 inches)

Top right: The Gift 2016, oil on board, 100x100mm (4x4 inches)

Bottom right: Seen 2016, oil on board, 100x100mm (4x4 inches)

A collection of tiny artworks from Smash Gallery artists! Each artwork has one side no larger than 4 inches! A perfect way to start your art collection or to add a sweet little touch to a growing one.


Smash Gallery

Phone:     (415)419-5555

  Address:   210 Golden Gate Avenue

                   San Francisco, CA 94102


Mar 26

GROUP SHOW Empathic: A Mental Health Awareness Exhibition

Darkness Creeps 2016, oil on board, 200x200mm

Darkness Creeps 2016, oil on board, 200x200mm

Opening Reception: March 5 (6-8pm)
Runs: March 5 – 26, 2016

At Alexi Era Gallery, Mascoutah, Illinois, US

This exhibition is created in a partnership with The You Rock Foundation. One in Four people have or will struggle from a diagnosable mental health struggle in their lifetime. There is an intense need for awareness of this difficult subject matter as an insight into the atypical release artists face as they express some of their deepest motivations, feelings and their own personal contact with the subject matter portrayed through their work. Each artist will work with a mental health disorder of choice based on personal experience or outside influences that have impacted their lives. Art is an invaluable, an incredible resource to educate people on mental health crisis we face worldwide and the stigmas unfortunately still attached to them. This exhibition hopes to bring hope, understanding and awareness to a very important topic.

Artists Exhibited: Anita Inverarity, Anja Altenburg Laursen, Anka Lavriv, Aunia Kahn, Bella Harris, Blaine Schanter, Bob Doucette, Catherine Moore, Chris Mars, Damian Chaves, Deborah Jackson, Emma Overman, Encarni Diaz, Erich J. Moffitt, Gretchen Lewis, Hikari Shimoda, Inge Vandormael, Ingrid Tusell, Jessica, Perner, Junker Jane, Kelly McKernan, Lea Barozzi, Lioba Bruckner, M de Vena, Marie Larkin, Mary Syring, Meredith Marsone, Paul Chatem, Relm, ShirrStone Shelter, Susannah Kelly, Yishu Wang