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Underneath - group show in London

The Casting Light 2017, oil on board, 870 x 760mm (34 1/4” x 30” framed   

The Casting Light 2017, oil on board, 870 x 760mm (34 1/4” x 30” framed



A visually poetic journey through the eyes of the international woman 

Featuring 11 female artists from across the globe 

Exclusively curated by ArtLeadHER for Lawrence Alkin Gallery Exhibition dates: 7 April – 6 May 2017 

Private View and Press Preview: 6 April 2017 

Exhibiting artists include: Swoon, Kit King, Ingrid Baars, Delphine Diallo, Elizabeth Waggett, Meredith Marsone, Lucy Sparrow, Zoe Grace, Teresa Duck, Abi Whitlock, and Juliette Clovis. 

Lawrence Alkin Gallery presents upcoming group show Underneath, exclusively curated by ArtLeadHER, an organization dedicated to empowering and celebrating women in art. It features work from eleven international, contemporary female artists at various stages of their careers, highlighting the contributions and dispositions of working female artists in the modern market. 

Refraction, oil on board, 540 x 740mm (21 1/4” x 21 1/4”) framed 

Refraction, oil on board, 540 x 740mm (21 1/4” x 21 1/4”) framed 

ArtLeadHER has cherry-picked a selection of new and recent works by artists communicating the multitudinous forms of female perspective. Themes of struggle and pain, softness, and a near-constant grappling with visible and invisible power structures are revealed. Underneath is a demonstration of every woman's journey. It lends feeling and understanding to the dynamics and dimensions of feminine energy. 

The 15 works on view range in scale, media, and approach, and include figurative and abstract portraiture, sculpture, photography, and street art. Underneath is a celebration of women, providing a platform for acknowledgment and appreciation. 

ArtLeadHER founder, Mashonda Tifrere launched the platform in March 2016 as a dynamic way to showcase, celebrate and bring awareness to the women creating, curating and thriving in the male-dominated art world. She explains: 

“After collecting art for 15 years, my enthusiasm for bringing women's work into the forefront of the art world became a priority. The development of ArtLeadHER over the last year has provided female artists with a safe haven to be completely expressive in an open environment and gain the recognition they deserve.” 

The London show draws attention to the array of techniques used by artists and various influences from different cultures and experiences. From Ingrid Baars’s unique style of photographic manipulation, to Zoe Grace’s uplifting neon pieces, sources of inspiration are diverse and often deeply personal. Whether a proud acknowledgement of rich, African heritage, to more turbulent experiences with issues such as depression, drug addiction and homelessness, each piece tells a story about its creator. 

Flash Point, oil on board, 540 x 740mm (21 1/4” x 21 1/4”) framed 

Flash Point, oil on board, 540 x 740mm (21 1/4” x 21 1/4”) framed 

Sam Rhodes, Lawrence Alkin Gallery Director, says: 

“Our gallery roster has always heavily featured female artists, helping champion individuals for their unconventional style and practice and gaining recognition where it’s due. Unfortunately, still to this day, the art world appears skewed towards male artists, so when the opportunity arose for us to collaborate on a showcase of women artists, it signified the realization of an exhibition we’ve long wanted to host. 

“The collaboration with ArtleadHER provides the perfect opportunity to emphasize the importance of equal and fair opportunities – male, female, internationally recognized or just starting out. The show brings together great talents from across the world, uniting cultures at a time of division and celebrating beauty in humanity.” 

In the run up to the show, the gallery and ArtleadHER are also hosting a Women in Art 

Panel moderated by Susan Mumford, the founder of the Association of Women Art Dealers. The discussion will explore topics relevant to women in art, and what it means to be a working female artist in today’s art market. 

Underneath runs from Friday 7 April to Saturday 6 May at Lawrence Alkin Gallery, 42 

New Compton Street, London, WC2H 8DA