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Lightning Bolts and Little Sparks ONLINE EXHIBITION

Fracture/Memory, oil on board, 12 x 12" 305 x 305cm

Fracture/Memory, oil on board, 12 x 12" 305 x 305cm

WOW x WOW is incredibly proud to present ‘LIGHTNING BOLTS & LITTLE SPARKS’, the exciting inaugural group exhibition from our new online gallery. With this gallery platform, WOW x WOW intends to take a step back from any of the restrictions that ‘themed’ group shows can impose on an artist’s natural expression, and instead provide a stage for participating artists to showcase new pieces from their personal and ongoing output of work.

The show title, ‘LIGHTNING BOLTS & LITTLE SPARKS’, is a metaphorical reference to both the ‘eureka’ moments and the smaller inspirational steps forward that are experienced by every artist; all of which are significant and of relevance to the continual growth and development of the true artistic voice of each creative individual.

Curated by WOW x WOW’s founder, the Scottish artist, curator and writer, Tim Maclean, ‘LIGHTNING BOLTS & LITTLE SPARKS’ will feature the work of over 90 artists, and gathers together a powerful roster of both established and emerging talent from within the international New Contemporary Art movement.


Susanne Apgar | Mia Araujo | Jean Pierre Arboleda | Ana Bagayan | Paul Barnes | Tom Bagshaw | Marcela Bolivar | Robert Bowen | Jana Brike | Adrian Landon Brooks | Scott G. Brooks | Mark Bryan | Chris Buzelli | Zoe Byland | Jeff Christensen | The Chung!! | Sam Wolfe Connelly | Robert Steven Connett | Adrian Cox | Lara Dann | Niels de Jong | Kelly Denato | Bob Dob | Bob Doucette | DXTR | Mike Egan | Michael Forbes | Natalie Foss | Renee French | Sonya Fu | Frank Gonzales | Femke Hiemstra | Anthony Hurd | Charlie Immer | Shoko Ishida | Andy Kehoe | Ben Kehoe | Richard A. Kirk | Roman Klonek | Caia Koopman | Tara Krebs | Travis Lampe | Edith Lebeau | Declan Lee | Tim Lee | Chris Leib | Jason Limon | Alice Lin | Dan Lydersen | Dave MacDowell | Jon MacNair | Danny Malboeuf | Meredith Marsone | Dan May | Julianna Menna | Moki | Jaime Molina | Heiko Müller | Sean Norvet | Peca | Boris Pelcer | Kevin W Peterson | Bao Pham | Bruno Pontiroli | Matthew Quick | David Rice | Eric Richardson | Bene Rohlmann | Saddo | Henry Schreiber | Hikari Shimoda | JR Slattum | Allison Sommers | Nathan Spoor | Jophen Stein | Deth P. Sun | Erlend Tait | Pamela Tait | Roland Tamayo | Gary Taxali | Jon Todd | Ania Tomicka | Amandine Urruty | Joe Vaux | Edith Waddell | Wiley Wallace | Helice Wen | Dan Withey | Sandra Yagi | Graham Yarrington

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CHATROOM: Between 7-9pm BST a chat room will be hosted on Please head on over and login if you are interested in chatting with some of the artists in the show.